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3 Favourites in Tunisia | A Photo Journey

For some years, the country of Tunisia hasn’t been on a lot of travel blogs or travel recommendation lists. Due to a horrible terrorist attack a couple of years back, tourism in the country has decreased dramatically. Nonetheless, it’s been officially recognised as a safe country again by the Dutch government, which is why I joined a press trip to this beautiful North African country back in October. I’ve seen and done many different things and was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness, diversity and beauty of the people we met and the places we visited. In this article I would love to share three of my favourites of the trip through several photos –  because a picture says more than a thousand words, isn’t that the saying?

Sidi Bou Said

Is it southern Europe, is it some cute little fishermen village in Greece? Nope, it’s the lovely Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia! The bright blue hues that colour the little town immediately capture your attention and never fail to leave a summery and happy impression on its visitors. The perfect location for your holiday (and Instagram) pictures – check! Enjoy the stunning coastal view, take a walk around town, visit one of the art galleries or enjoy the freshly caught fish in one of the restaurants. Oh, and stunning sunsets are guaranteed!

A trip to the Souk

Ever been to an African market? Aladdin, eat your heart out! Regardless of it being in Africa, I got such a Middle-Eastern vibe from visiting the souks in Tunisia! Street vendors whispering “good price for you!” selling (magic?) carpets, oil lamps, colourful fabrics and silvery everywhere you can look. No one can deny that a Tunisian market is a colourful bunch! Hidden tea corners, sunny side alleys, a sudden mosque: a visit to a souk will be everything but boring.

Roman antiquities (El Djem & Carthago)

If you’ve read my article on Rome, or if you have been to Rome yourself, you will know about the massive queues and crowds in the Colosseum and around the Forum Romanum. Did you know Tunisia has the African equivalents of these places? The El Djem amphitheatre is the third biggest in the world, and very peaceful: no hordes of tourists in sight! Next to that you can visit the ancient capital Carthago, where there are a lot of ancient Roman ruins left. Very interesting to see and a great place for a cultural afternoon walk, without the fuss of the Roman crowds! 

Have you ever been to Tunisia? Would you like to go?

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