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Absolute must-sees on the South Island Part 2 | New Zealand

Cascading waterfalls, icy blue pools, dramatic mountain peaks and glaciers that were formed during the ice ages: part 2 of absolute highlights of New Zealand, the South Island, has been long overdue. The second part of this road trip was arguably even more stunning than the first part; after every corner you’ll find another incredible view. New Zealand has been,…

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Absolute must-sees on the South Island Part 1 | New Zealand

“Once you’ve been to New Zealand you are spoilt forever – nothing will ever be as beautiful.” Those were the wise word of my friend, who had already visited the North Island, right before we arrived in New Zealand, Christchurch, to be exact. I could hardly imagine those words to be true; we had just come back from an amazing…

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Scotland, mo ghràidh

How come it took me 22 years to set foot in the land of lochs, legends, fairies, clans, castles, pipes & drums? Scotland, mo ghràidh, my love: you have earned a prime spot on top of my “most astounding and breathtaking countries I have ever visited” list (right next to New Zealand). Despite the gravely delayed visit, I have fallen head over heels…