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Life Update & Vlog | What have I been doing?

It has been some time – mind you, a bloody eternity – since I’ve posted content on Birds of Passage. I have NO excuse, other than that life happened and I got lazy. After a long day of uni and presenting and writing essays and working at the café I Netflixed the hell out of myself, went to the pub with friends and tried to stay in shape rather than taking the energy to write on this platform. Which is BAD. I really want Birds of Passage to continue to grow, hopefully reaching many more people in the time to come. Thank you for taking the time to visit this platform, and the fact that you are currently reading this post gives me hope 🙂 Just as a little life update, here is a list of the things that have happened in the past couple of months:

My three besties came to visit!
At the end of the semester in May, my three best friends from Rotterdam came to visit me in Leeds. WHAT A BLAST we had! The weather was freaking fabulous (three consecutive days of sunshine and blue skies, trust me this is not a common phenomenon in the North of England) and we had so much fun. My friend and ‘original bae’ Annabel brought her GoPro with her, and created a ‘vlog’ (gosh I almost dislike the word as it’s become such a hyped up thing) of our weekend:

Started my dissertation & moved back home
In the meantime my life has changed quite a bit: I’ve moved back from Leeds to the Netherlands, because lectures at the University of Leeds ended and because June marked the end of my renting contract. I decided to save some money and move back home, spending most of my summer back in the south of the Netherlands. This is mostly to allow myself to focus on writing my dissertation (which is on dark tourism, more about that in another blogpost). I’ve been missing England for sure, but it’s been great seeing all my Dutch friends again and spending time in my second home city, Rotterdam.

Went on my first press trip
Fun update: in June I got to experience my very first press trip! Next to Birds of Passage, I am a guest writer for the awesome Dutch online travel guide We Are Travellers. It’s got a massive audience/following in the Netherlands, and it’s been such a privilege contributing to it. As a representative of We Are Travellers, I got to visit the region of Umbria, which is also known as “the green heart of Italy”. If you’re a Dutchie (or don’t mind using Google Translate), check out my article. Something for Birds of Passage is also on the way…

Visited the city of Rome
The end of June I flew back to Rome (I’d only been back from Umbria for one week!) to spend five days in the city of marble, ancient stories and great food with my sister. We had such a blast! I am fascinated with ancient Rome (I took Latin classes at high school), have a passion for art history and ancient architecture and as you can imagine, Rome isn’t too bad when it comes to those things… Another blog post which is on the way.

Life Update: Rome Colosseum

That’s it for now! I am not sure how frequently I will post, but it can’t be much worse than it has been the past couple of months…

Things I’ve still got on my mind:

  • Press trip to the French Alpes for We Are Travellers next week
  • A trip to my parents’ holiday home in the Dordogne (France)
  • Hopefully finish my dissertation by the end of August
  • Decide what to do with my life after summer: move back to England or Rotterdam?

If you’ve read everything, woohoo well done! You’re deserve your patience golden star for the day. How has your summer been so far?

Hi! My name is Roos (pronounced as "Rose"), and I am a creative dreamer, passionate traveller and a bit of a nerd. Travelling is the thing I love to do most, but apart from exploring the world I also enjoy obsessing over films and tv shows, books, and history. Escapism is real! My goal in life is to see as much of the world as possible, through culture, nature and adventure.

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