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Top 5 adventure activities whilst travelling

Adrenaline, isn’t it a wonderful thing? For all you adrenaline junkies out there, this post will be just your cup of tea! There are countless types of holiday activities; while some people prefer to spend their well-deserved holiday on the beach, explore culture and history during city-trips or love going on hikes in peaceful national parks, you’re probably always looking for adventure (and perhaps even a little danger) during a trip abroad. A combination of all the aforementioned activities is naturally also a great way to discover a new place.  Looking for an exciting daytrip, but not sure what to choose? Birds of Passage talks about five different types of adrenaline activities, their level of scariness and general prices (which will naturally depend on the country you’re visiting).

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30 onderweg5. Comfortably flying with a view whilst ziplining
A great way to get up high and enjoy stunning views! Whether the zipline is between a cliff, in a forest or through a city – depending on steepness and level of ascent, you’ll enjoy speeding from one place to the other! Sometimes they are part of forest climbing tracks, in which case you can choose the level of difficulty/height.

Price: $
Level of scariness: a couple of cute butterflies in stomach


4. Get your cool on during white water raftingrafting-293542_1920
Up for some adventure on the river? Water rafting should be your thing! It is not for the faint-hearted, as it can get quite rough every now and then. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to get close to nature and pump up your adrenaline levels.

Price: $$
Level of scariness: ten really excited butterflies in stomach


3. Explore the wonders of the underwater world by scubadivingscuba-diving-1300853_1920
Perhaps no speed nor height, but in return you get the underwater world and depth! In many countries it is possible to get your open water certificate, after a couple of practice dives and a (theoretical) exam. Once a certified diver, you can dive anywhere in the world! Adrenaline here is incited by the amazing surroundings (swim alongside turtles, fish, rays, coral and even sharks) but also the fact that you are breathing underwater.

Price: $$ (depending on the type of dive and level)
Level of scariness: a massive bird in your stomach the first time; later onwards just cute little butterflies. Confidence comes with experience.


2. Bungeejumping: because why wouldn’t you jump off a cliff?6607849087_62c048e4cc_b
I’ve never done this myself, but a bungee jump had to be included in this list. Getting your gear on, taking your place and…. deciding to make that jump! I can’t imagine how thrillingly excited that must be. There are quite a few different types of jumps; for beginners I’d reckon a normal jump would be best to do, but if you’re an experienced jumper you might want to try a trampoline or BMX jump, doesn’t that sound fun?

Price: $$$
Level of scariness: get ready to shit your pants


1. Experience a feeling of ultimate freedom during a skydive12278868_10153342226470829_2091780794509437810_n
At last we’ve come to the number one of our adrenaline list: skydiving. For most people this will be a tandem jump; if you absolutely love skydiving you might want to consider getting certified so you can jump on your own. The build-up of getting ready, going in the airplane and finally hanging out of the open plane-doors is indescribably thrilling. Once jumped out of the plane, you will first have a small free fall (with the parachute still closed), after that a nice couple of minutes flying casually over beautiful landscapes high up in the air.

Price: $$$$
Level of scariness: get ready to say goodbye to your life. And when you land, plan your next jump.


Of course these are all general descriptions, some people are easier scared than others. Needless to say: always make sure you engage in these activities through recognised companies, and make sure your insurance is covered (just in case).

Is anything missing on this list? Let us know in the comments! What is your favourite adrenaline activity?

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