Hi, my name is Rose and welcome to Birds of Passage! Whether you are a solo-traveller looking for enriching stories behind the places you don’t want to take for granted, or a geeky adventurer looking for escapism in reality: Birds of Passage takes you on a flight to enchanting myths and histories in all sorts of places, all over the world. Looking for travel recommendations? Explore them through culture, nature and adventure.

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Making the most out of Edinburgh | on a budget

We all know the struggle: that eager feeling in the pit of your stomach to go out and explore the world, learn about different cultures, different people, rich histories, but at the same time facing the harsh reality of a bank account that, in all frankness, has seen better days. As a student myself, I…

Creepy babies, wooden tampons and honourable pirates

There are many things that happened in history that often make us wonder. In Peculiar Pasts I make it my mission to find out the answers to peculiar questions about history. Ranging from random historical oddities to explaining century-old phenomena; after reading these, you’ll definitely have some quirky facts to talk about next time you’re…

Scotland, mo ghràidh

How come it took me 22 years to set foot in the land of lochs, legends, fairies, clans, castles, pipes & drums? Scotland, mo ghràidh, my love: you have earned a prime spot on top of my “most astounding and breathtaking countries I have ever visited” list (right next to New Zealand). Despite the gravely delayed visit,…

NASA: Visions of the Future

It is by no means a prerequisite to be good at science to have an interest in science; space travel is considered a fascinating topic by many. Is there life beyond Earth? Will it ever be possible to inhabit another planet? NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory played into this fascination by creating a large set of posters, advertising…

Popular London Markets

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” – that’s what Samuel Johnson once said. And boy, is he right! The capital of England has great charm; the world famous British accent of the Londoners, the many different neighbourhoods to explore, the famous sights to see and of course the rich history of…